sri-siddha ucuh
yo no gatim yoga-siddham asadhur
aharsid yoga-tapo-balena
nana darpam tam nakhair vidadara
tasmai tubhyam pranatah smo nrsimha
sri-siddhah ucuh—the inhabitants of Siddhaloka said; yah—the person who; nah—our; gatim—perfection; yoga-siddham—achieved by mystic yoga; asadhuh—most uncivilized and dishonest; aharsit—stole away; yoga—of mysticism; tapah—and austerities; balena—by the power; nana darpam—proud due to wealth, opulence and strength; tam—him; nakhaih—by the nails; vidadara—pierced; tasmai—unto him; tubhyam—unto You; pranatah—bowed down; smah—we are; nrsimha—O Lord Nrsimhadeva.
The inhabitants of Siddhaloka prayed: O Lord Nrsimhadeva, because we belong to Siddhaloka, we automatically achieve perfection in all eight kinds of mystic power. Yet Hiranyakasipu was so dishonest that by the strength of his power and austerity, he took away our powers. Thus he became very proud of his mystic strength. Now, because this rogue has been killed by Your nails, we offer our respectful obeisances unto You.
On earth there are many yogis who can exhibit some feeble mystic power by manufacturing pieces of gold like magic, but the inhabitants of the planet Siddhaloka are actually extremely powerful in mysticism. They can fly from one planet to another without airplanes. This is called laghima-siddhi. They can actually become very light and fly in the sky. By a severe type of austerity, however, Hiranyakasipu excelled all the inhabitants of Siddhaloka and created disturbances for them. The residents of Siddhaloka were also beaten by the powers of Hiranyakasipu. Now that Hiranyakasipu had been killed by the Lord, the inhabitants of Siddhaloka also felt relieved.

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