ity uktas tam vihayendro
devarser manayan vacah
parikramya divam yayau
itithus; uktahaddressed; tamher; vihayareleasing; indrahthe King of heaven; deva-rsehof the saint Narada Muni; manayanhonoring; vacahthe words; ananta-priyafor one who is very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhaktyaby devotion; enamthis (woman); parikramyacircumambulating; divamto the heavenly planets; yayaureturned.
When the great saint Narada Muni had thus spoken, King Indra, being respectful to Naradas words, immediately released my mother. Because of my being a devotee of the Lord, all the demigods circumambulated her. Then they returned to their celestial kingdom.
Although King Indra and the other demigods are exalted personalities, they were so obedient to Narada Muni that King Indra immediately accepted Narada Munis words concerning Prahlada Maharaja. This is called understanding by the parampara system. Indra and the demigods did not know that a great devotee was in the womb of Kayadhu, the wife of Hiranyakasipu, but they accepted the authoritative statements of Narada Muni and immediately offered their respects to the devotee by circumambulating the woman in whose womb he was living. To understand God and the devotee by the parampara system is the process of knowledge. There is no need to speculate about God and His devotee. One should accept the statements of a bona fide devotee and thus try to understand.

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