vartamano vidure vai
balo py ajada-dhir ayam
na vismarati me naryam
sunah sepa iva prabhuh
vartamanahbeing situated; avidurenot very far away; vaiindeed; balaha mere child; apialthough; ajada-dhihcomplete fearlessness; ayamthis; nanot; vismaratiforgets; memy; anaryammisbehavior; sunah sepahthe curved tail of a dog; ivaexactly like; prabhuhbeing able or potent.
Although he is very near to me and is merely a child, he is situated in complete fearlessness. He resembles a dogs curved tail, which can never be straightened, because he never forgets my misbehavior and his connection with his master, Lord Visnu.
The word sunah means of a dog, and sepa means tail. The example is ordinary. However one may try to straighten a dogs tail, it is never straight but always curved. Sunah sepa is also the name of the second son of Ajigarta. He was sold to Hariscandra, but he later took shelter of Visvamitra, Hariscandras enemy, and never left his side.

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