esa me bahv-asadhukto
vadhopayas ca nirmitah
tais tair drohair asad-dharmair
muktah svenaiva tejasa
esah—this; me—of me; bahu—many; asadhu-uktah—ill names; vadha-upayah—many varieties of means to kill him; ca—and; nirmitah—devised; taih—by those; taih—by those; drohaih—treacherous; asat-dharmaih—abominable actions; muktah—released; svena—his own; eva—indeed; tejasa—by prowess.
Hiranyakasipu thought: I have used many ill names in chastising this boy Prahlada and have devised many means of killing him, but despite all my endeavors, he could not be killed. Indeed, he saved himself by his own powers, without being affected in the least by these treacherous and abominable actions.

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