anyathedam vidhasye ham
ayatha purvam ojasa
kim anyaih kala-nirdhutaih
kalpante vaisnavadibhih
anyathajust the opposite; idamthis universe; vidhasyeshall make; ahamI; ayathainappropriate; purvamas it was before; ojasaby dint of the power of my austerity; kimwhat use; anyaihwith other; kala-nirdhutaihvanquished in due course of time; kalpa-anteat the end of the millennium; vaisnava-adibhihwith planets like Dhruvaloka or Vaikunthaloka.
By dint of my severe austerities, I shall reverse the results of pious and impious activities. I shall overturn all the established practices within this world. Even Dhruvaloka will be vanquished at the end of the millennium. Therefore, what is the use of it? I shall prefer to remain in the position of Brahma.
Hiranyakasipus demoniac determination was explained to Lord Brahma by the demigods, who informed him that Hiranyakasipu wanted to overturn all the established principles. After executing severe austerities, people within this material world are promoted to the heavenly planets, but Hiranyakasipu wanted them to be unhappy, suffering because of the diplomatic feelings of the demigods, even in the heavenly planets. He wanted those who were harassed in this world by material transactions to be unhappy for the same reason, even in the heavenly planets. Indeed, be wanted to introduce such harassment everywhere. One might ask how this would be possible, since the universal order has been established since time immemorial, but Hiranyakasipu was proud to declare that he would be able to do everything by the power of his tapasya. He even wanted to make the Vaisnavas position insecure. These are some of the symptoms of asuric determination.

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