TEXTS 9–10
srstva caracaram idam
adhyaste sarva-dhisnyebhyah
paramesthi nijasanam
tad aham vardhamanena
kalatmanos ca nityatvat
sadhayisye tathatmanah
srstva—creating; cara—moving; acaram—and not moving; idam—this; tapah—of austerity; yoga—and mystic power; samadhina—by practicing the trance; adhyaste—is situated in; sarva-dhisnyebhyah—than all the planets, including the heavenly planets; paramesthi—Lord Brahma; nija-asanam—his own throne; tat—therefore; aham—I; vardhamanena—by dint of increasing; tapah—austerity; yoga—mystic powers; samadhina—and trance; kala—of time; atmanoh—and of the soul; ca—and; nityatvat—from the eternality; sadhayisye—shall achieve; tatha—so much; atmanah—for my personal self.
“The supreme person within this universe, Lord Brahma, has gotten his exalted post by dint of severe austerities, mystic power and trance. Consequently, after creating the universe, he has become the most worshipable demigod within it. Since I am eternal and time is eternal, I shall endeavor for such austerity, mystic power and trance for many, many births, and thus I shall occupy the same post occupied by Lord Brahma.
Hiranyakasipu’s determination was to occupy the post of Lord Brahma, but this was impossible because Brahma has a long duration of life. As confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (8.17), sahasra-yuga-paryantam ahar yad brahmano viduh: one thousand yugas equals one day of Brahma. The duration of Brahma’s life is extremely great, and consequently it was impossible for Hiranyakasipu to occupy that post. Nonetheless, his decision was that since the self (atma) and time are both eternal, if he could not occupy that post in one lifetime he would continue to execute austerities life after life so that sometime he would be able to do so.

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