vikalpam juhuyac cittau
tam manasy artha-vibhrame
mano vaikarike hutva
tam mayayam juhoty anu
vikalpamdiscrimination (between good and bad, one person and another, one nation and another, and all similar discrimination); juhuyatone should offer as oblations; cittauin the fire of consciousness; tamthat consciousness; manasiin the mind; artha-vibhramethe root of all acceptance and rejection; manahthat mind; vaikarikein false ego, identification of oneself with matter; hutvaoffering as oblations; tamthis false ego; mayayamin the total material energy; juhotioffers as oblations; anufollowing this principle.
The mental concoction of discrimination between good and bad should be accepted as one unit and then invested in the mind, which should then be invested in the false ego. The false ego should be invested in the total material energy. This is the process of fighting false discrimination.
This verse describes how a yogi can become free from material affection. Because of material attraction, a karmi cannot see himself. Jnanis can discriminate between matter and spirit, but the yogis, the best of whom are the bhakti-yogis, want to return home, back to Godhead. The karmis are completely in illusion, the jnanis are neither in illusion nor in positive knowledge, but the yogis, especially the bhakti-yogis, are completely on the spiritual platform. As confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (14.26):
mam ca yo vyabhicarena
bhakti-yogena sevate
sa gunan samatityaitan
brahma-bhuyaya kalpate
One who engages in full devotional service, who does not fall down under any circumstance, at once transcends the modes of material nature and thus comes to the level of Brahman. Thus a devotees position is secure. A devotee is at once elevated to the spiritual platform. Others, such as jnanis and hatha-yogis, can only gradually ascend to the spiritual platform by nullifying their material discrimination on the platform of psychology and nullifying the false ego, by which one thinks, I am this body, a product of matter. One must merge the false ego into the total material energy and merge the total material energy into the supreme energetic. This is the process of becoming free from material attraction.

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