anihah paritustatma
yadrcchopanatad aham
no cec chaye bahv-ahani
mahahir iva sattvavan
anihahwith no desire to possess more; paritustavery satisfied; atmaself; yadrcchain its own way, without endeavor; upanatatby things brought in by possession; ahamI; nonot; cetif so; sayeI lie down; bahumany; ahanidays; maha-ahiha python; ivalike; sattva-vanenduring.
I do not endeavor to get anything, but am satisfied with whatever is achieved in its own way. If I do not get anything, I am patient and unagitated like a python and lie down in this way for many days.
One should learn detachment from the bumblebees, for they collect drops of honey here and there and keep it in their honeycomb, but then someone comes and by force takes all the honey away, leaving the bumblebees with nothing. Therefore one should learn from the bumblebee not to keep more money than one needs. Similarly, one should learn from the python to stay in one place for many, many days without food and then eat only if something comes in its own way. Thus the learned brahmana gave instructions gained from two creatures, namely the bumblebee and the python.

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