viragah sarva-kamebhyah
siksito me madhu-vratat
krcchraptam madhuvad vittam
hatvapy anyo haret patim
viragahdetachment; sarva-kamebhyahfrom all material desires; siksitahhas been taught; meunto me; madhu-vratatfrom the bumblebee; krcchrawith great difficulties; aptamacquired; madhu-vatas good as honey (money is honey); vittammoney; hatvakilling; apieven; anyahanother; harettakes away; patimthe owner.
From the bumblebee I have learned to be unattached to accumulating money, for although money is as good as honey, anyone can kill its owner and take it away.
The honey gathered in the comb is taken away by force. Therefore one who accumulates money should realize that he may be harassed by the government or by thieves or even killed by enemies. Especially in this age of Kali-yuga, it is said that instead of protecting the money of the citizens, the government itself will take away the money with the force of law. The learned brahmana had therefore decided that he should not accumulate any money. One should own as much as he immediately needs. There is no need to keep a big balance at hand, along with the fear that it may be plundered by the government or by thieves.

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