TEXTS 1617
bibharsi kayam pivanam
sodyamo bhogavan yatha
vittam caivodyamavatam
bhogo vittavatam iha
bhoginam khalu deho yam
piva bhavati nanyatha
bibharsiyou are maintaining; kayama body; pivanamfat; sa-udyamahone who endeavors; bhogavanone who enjoys; yathaas; vittammoney; caalso; evacertainly; udyama-vatamof persons always engaged in economic development; bhogahsense gratification; vitta-vatamfor persons who possess considerable wealth; ihain this world; bhoginamof the enjoyers, karmis; khaluindeed; dehahbody; ayamthis; pivavery fat; bhavatibecomes; nanot; anyathaotherwise.
Seeing the saintly person to be quite fat, Prahlada Maharaja said: My dear sir, you undergo no endeavor to earn your livelihood, but you have a stout body, exactly like that of a materialistic enjoyer. I know that if one is very rich and has nothing to do, he becomes extremely fat by eating and sleeping and performing no work.
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura did not like his disciples to become very fat in the course of time. He would become very anxious upon seeing his fat disciples becoming bhogis, or enjoyers of the senses. This attitude is herewith confirmed by Prahlada Maharaja, who was surprised to see a saintly person adopting ajagara-vrtti and becoming very fat. In the material world also, we generally see that when a man who is poor and skinny gradually endeavors to earn money through business or some other means and he then gets the money, he enjoys the senses to his satisfaction. By enjoying the senses one becomes fat. Therefore in spiritual advancement becoming fat is not at all satisfactory.

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