tam natvabhyarcya vidhivat
padayoh sirasa sprsan
vivitsur idam apraksin
maha-bhagavato ’surah
tam—him (the saintly person); natva—after offering obeisances unto; abhyarcya—and worshiping; vidhi-vat—in terms of the rules and regulations of etiquette; padayoh—the lotus feet of the saintly person; sirasa—with the head; sprsan—touching; vivitsuh—desiring to know about him (the saintly person); idam—the following words; apraksit—inquired; maha-bhagavatah—the very advanced devotee of the Lord; asurah—although born in an asura family.
The advanced devotee Prahlada Maharaja duly worshiped and offered obeisances to the saintly person who had adopted a python’s means of livelihood. After thus worshiping the saintly person and touching his own head to the saint’s lotus feet, Prahlada Maharaja, in order to understand him, inquired very submissively as follows.

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