TEXTS 29-30
mano manorathais candre
buddhim bodhyaih kavau pare
karmany adhyatmana rudre
yad-aham mamata-kriya
sattvena cittam ksetra-jne
gunair vaikarikam pare
apsu ksitim apo jyotisy
ado vayau nabhasy amum
kutasthe tac ca mahati
tad avyakte ksare ca tat
manahthe mind; manorathaihalong with material desires; candreunto Candra, the mood demigod; buddhimintelligence; bodhyaihwith the subject matter of intelligence; kavau pareunto the supreme learned person, Lord Brahma; karmanimaterial activities; adhyatmanawith false ego; rudreunto Lord Siva (Rudra); yatwherein; ahamI am the material body; mamataeverything belonging to the material body is mine; kriyasuch activities; sattvenaalong with the existential conception; cittamconsciousness; ksetra-jneunto the individual soul; gunaihalong with the material activities conducted by the material qualities; vaikarikamthe living entities under the influence of the material modes; parein the Supreme Being; apsuin the water; ksitimthe earth; apahthe water; jyotisiin the luminaries, specifically in the sun; adahbrightness; vayauin the air; nabhasiin the sky; amumthat; kutasthein the materialistic conception of life; tatthat; caalso; mahatiin the mahat-tattva, the total material energy; tatthat; avyaktein the nonmanifested; aksarein the Supersoul; caalso; tatthat.
The mind, along with all material desires, should be merged in the moon demigod. All the subject matters of intelligence, along with the intelligence itself, should be placed in Lord Brahma. False ego, which is under the influence of the material modes of nature and which induces one to think, I am this body, and everything connected with this body is mine, should be merged, along with material activities, in Rudra, the predominating deity of false ego. Material consciousness, along with the goal of thought, should be merged in the individual living being, and the demigods acting under the modes of material nature should be merged, along with the perverted living being, into the Supreme Being. The earth should be merged in water, water in the brightness of the sun, this brightness into the air, the air into the sky, the sky into the false ego, the false ego into the total material energy, the total material energy into the unmanifested ingredients [the pradhana feature of the material energy], and at last the ingredient feature of material manifestation into the Supersoul.

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