vanaprasthasya vaksyami
niyaman muni-sammatan
yan asthaya munir gacched
rsi-lokam uhanjasa
vanaprasthasyaof a person in the vanaprastha-asrama (retired life); vaksyamiI shall now explain; niyamanthe rules and regulations; muni-sammatanwhich are recognized by great munis, philosophers and saintly persons; yanwhich; asthayabeing situated in, or practicing; muniha saintly person; gacchetis promoted; rsi-lokamto the planetary system where the seers and munis go (Maharloka); uhaO King; anjasawithout difficulty.
O King, I shall now describe the qualifications for a vanaprastha, one who has retired from family life. By rigidly following the rules and regulations for the vanaprastha, one can easily be elevated to the upper planetary system known as Maharloka.

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