na krsta-pacyam asniyad
akrstam capy akalatah
agni-pakvam athamam va
arka-pakvam utaharet
na—not; krsta-pacyam—grains grown by tilling of the field; asniyat—one should eat; akrstam—grains that have grown without tilling of the field; ca—and; api—also; akalatah—ripened untimely; agni-pakvam—grains prepared by being cooked in fire; atha—as well as; amam—mango; va—either; arka-pakvam—food ripened naturally by the sunshine; uta—it is so enjoined; aharet—the vanaprastha should eat.
A person in vanaprastha life should not eat grains grown by tilling of the fields. He should also not eat grains that have grown without tilling of the field but are not fully ripe. Nor should a vanaprastha eat grains cooked in fire. Indeed, he should eat only fruit ripened by the sunshine.

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