evam vidho brahmacari
vanaprastho yatir grhi
caran vidita-vijnanah
param brahmadhigacchati
evam vidhahin this way; brahmacariwhether one is a brahmacari; vanaprasthahor one is in the vanaprastha-asrama; yatihor in the sannyasa-asrama; grhior in the grhastha-asrama; caranby practice of self-realization and understanding of the Absolute Truth; vidita-vijnanahfully conversant with the science of the Absolute Truth; paramthe Supreme; brahmathe Absolute Truth; adhigacchatione can understand.
By practicing in this way, whether one be in the brahmacari-asrama, grhastha-asrama, vanaprastha-asrama or sannyasa-asrama, one must always realize the all-pervading presence of the Supreme Lord, for in this way it is possible to understand the Absolute Truth.
This is the beginning of self-realization. One must first understand how Brahman is present everywhere and how He is acting. This education is called brahma jijnasa and is the real concern of human life. Without such knowledge, one cannot claim to be a human being; rather, he remains in the animal kingdom. As it is said, sa eva go-kharah: [SB 10.84.13] without such knowledge, one is no better than a cow or an ass.

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