TEXTS 6566
athasau saktibhih svabhih
sambhoh pradhanikam vyadhat
ratham sutam dhvajam vahan
dhanur varma-saradi yat
sannaddho ratham asthaya
saram dhanur upadade
atha—thereafter; asau—He (Lord Krsna); saktibhih—by His potencies; svabhih—personal; sambhoh—of Lord Siva; pradhanikam—ingredients; vyadhat—created; dharma—religion; jnana—knowledge; virakti—renunciation; rddhi—opulence; tapah—austerity; vidya—education; kriya—activities; adibhih—by all these and other transcendental opulences; ratham—chariot; sutam—charioteer; dhvajam—flag; vahan—horses and elephants; dhanuh—bow; varma—shield; sara-adi—arrows and so on; yat—everything that was required; sannaddhah—equipped; ratham—on the chariot; asthaya—seated; saram—arrow; dhanuh—unto the bow; upadade—joined.
Narada Muni continued: Thereafter, Lord Krsna, by His own personal potency, consisting of religion, knowledge, renunciation, opulence, austerity, education and activities, equipped Lord Siva with all the necessary paraphernalia, such as a chariot, a charioteer, a flag, horses, elephants, a bow, a shield and arrows. When Lord Siva was fully equipped in this way, he sat down on the chariot with his arrows and bow to fight with the demons.
As stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.13.16): vaisnavanam yatha sambhuh: Lord Siva is the best of the Vaisnavas, the devotees of Lord Krsna. Indeed, he is one of the mahajanas, the twelve authorities on Vaisnava philosophy (svayambhur naradah sambhuh kumarah kapilo manuh, etc. [SB 6.3.20]). Lord Krsna is always prepared to help all the mahajanas and devotees in every respect (kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati). Although Lord Siva is very powerful, he lost a battle to the asuras, and therefore he was morose and disappointed. However, because he is one of the chief devotees of the Lord, the Lord personally equipped him with all the paraphernalia for war. The devotee, therefore, must serve the Lord sincerely, and Krsna is always in the background to protect him and, if need be, to equip him fully to fight with his enemy. For devotees there is no scarcity of knowledge or material requisites for spreading the Krsna consciousness movement.

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