distya tat-tanayah sadhur
maha-bhagavato ’rbhakah
tvaya vimocito mrtyor
distya tvam samito ’dhuna
distya—by fortune; tat-tanayah—his son; sadhuh—who is a great saintly person; maha-bhagavatah—a great and exalted devotee; arbhakah—although a child; tvaya—by Your Lordship; vimocitah—released; mrtyoh—from the clutches of death; distya—also by great fortune; tvam samitah—perfectly under Your shelter; adhuna—now.
By great fortune, Hiranyakasipu’s son Prahlada Maharaja has now been released from death, for although he is a child, he is an exalted devotee. Now he is fully under the protection of Your lotus feet.

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