yo sau labdha-varo matto
na vadhyo mama srstibhih
samasta-nigaman ahan
yahthe person who; asauhe (Hiranyakasipu); labdha-varahbeing given the extraordinary benediction; mattahfrom me; na vadhyahnot to be killed; mama srstibhihby any living being created by me; tapah-yoga-balaby austerity, mystic power and strength; unnaddhahthus being very proud; samastaall; nigamanVedic injunctions; ahandisregarded, transgressed.
This demon, Hiranyakasipu, received from me the benediction that he would not be killed by any living being within my creation. With this assurance and with strength derived from austerities and mystic power, he became excessively proud and transgressed all the Vedic injunctions.

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