tav atra ksatriyau jatau
matr-svasratmajau tava
adhuna sapa-nirmuktau
tauthe two; atrahere, in the third birth; ksatriyauksatriyas or kings; jatauborn; matr-svasr-atma-jauthe sons of the mothers sister; tavayour; adhunanow; sapa-nirmuktaufreed from the curse; krsna-cakraby the disc weapon of Krsna; hatadestroyed; amhasauwhose sins.
In their third birth, the same Jaya and Vijaya appeared in a family of ksatriyas as your cousins, the sons of your aunt. Because Lord Krsna has struck them with His disc, all their sinful reactions have been destroyed, and now they are free from the curse.
In their last birth, Jaya and Vijaya did not become demons or Raksasas. Instead they took birth in a very exalted ksatriya family related to Krsnas family. They became first cousins of Lord Krsna and were practically on an equal footing with Him. By personally killing them with His own disc, Lord Krsna destroyed whatever sinful reactions were left in them because of the curse of the brahmanas. Narada Muni explained to Maharaja Yudhisthira that by entering Krsnas body, Sisupala reentered Vaikunthaloka as the Lords associate. Everyone had seen this incident.

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