damaghosa-sutah papa
arabhya kala-bhasanat
sampraty amarsi govinde
dantavakras ca durmatih
damaghosa-sutahSisupala, the son of Damaghosa; papahsinful; arabhyabeginning; kala-bhasanatfrom the unclear speech of a child; sampratieven until now; amarsienvious; govindetoward Sri Krsna; dantavakrahDantavakra; caalso; durmatihevil-minded.
From the very beginning of his childhood, when he could not even speak properly, Sisupala, the most sinful son of Damaghosa, began blaspheming the Lord, and he continued to be envious of Sri Krsna until death. Similarly, his brother Dantavakra continued the same habits.

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