etad veditum icchamah
sarva eva vayam mune
bhagavan-nindaya veno
dvijais tamasi patitah
etat—this; veditum—to know; icchamah—desire; sarve—all; eva—certainly; vayam—we; mune—O great sage; bhagavat-nindaya—because of blaspheming the Lord; venahVena, the father of Prthu Maharaja; dvijaih—by the brahmanas; tamasi—into hell; patitah—was thrown.
O great sage, we are all eager to know the cause for this mercy of the Lord. I have heard that formerly a king named Vena blasphemed the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that all the brahmanas consequently obliged him to go to hell. Sisupala should also have been sent to hell. How then did he merge into the Lordís existence?

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