yat te gatinam tisrnam
isituh paramam padam
narvacino visargasya
dhatar veditum arhati
yat—which; te—of You; gatinam tisrnam—of the three destinations (the heavenly planets, the earthly planets and hell); isituh—who are the controller; paramam padam—the supreme abode, Vaikunthaloka; na—not; arvacinah—a person appearing after; visargasya—the creation; dhatah—O supreme controller; veditum—to understand; arhati—is able.
O supreme controller, You control the three destinations [promotion to the heavenly planets, birth as a human being, and condemnation in hell], yet Your supreme abode is Vaikuntha-dhama. Since we appeared after You created this cosmic manifestation, Your activities are impossible for us to understand. We therefore have nothing to offer You but our humble obeisances.
An inexperienced man generally does not know what to beg from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Everyone is under the jurisdiction of the created material world, and no one knows what benediction to ask when praying to the Supreme Lord. People generally pray to be promoted to the heavenly planets because they have no information of Vaikunthaloka. Srila Madhvacarya quotes the following verse:
There are different planetary systems, known as Devaloka (the planets of the demigods), Pitrloka (the planet of the Pitas) and Niraya (the hellish planets). When one transcends these various planetary systems and enters Vaikunthaloka, he achieves the ultimate resort of the Vaisnavas. Vaisnavas have nothing to do with the other planetary systems.

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