om namas te ’stu bhagavan narayana vasudevadi-purusa maha-purusa mahanubhava parama-mangala parama-kalyana parama-karunika kevala jagad-adhara lokaika-natha sarvesvara laksmi-natha paramahamsa-parivrajakaih paramenatma-yoga-samadhina paribhavita-parisphuta-paramahamsya-dharmenodghatita-tamah-kapata-dvare citte ’pavrta atma-loke svayam upalabdha-nija-sukhanubhavo bhavan.
om—O Lord; namah—respectful obeisances; te—unto You; astu—let there be; bhagavan—O Supreme Personality of Godhead; narayana—the resort of all living entities, Narayana; vasudeva—Lord Vasudeva, Sri Krsna; adi-purusa—the original person; maha-purusa—the most exalted personality; maha-anubhava—the supremely opulent; parama-mangala—the most auspicious; parama-kalyana—the supreme benediction; parama-karunika—the supremely merciful; kevala—changeless; jagat-adhara—the support of the cosmic manifestation; loka-eka-natha—the only proprietor of all the planetary systems; sarva-isvara—the supreme controller; laksmi-natha—the husband of the goddess of fortune; paramahamsa-parivrajakaih—by the topmost sannyasis wandering all over the world; paramena—by supreme; atma-yoga-samadhina—absorption in bhakti-yoga; paribhavita—fully purified; parisphuta—and fully manifested; paramahamsya-dharmena—by executing the transcendental process of devotional service; udghatita—pushed open; tamah—of illusory existence; kapata—in which the door; dvare—existing as the entrance; citte—in the mind; apavrte—without contamination; atma-loke—in the spiritual world; svayam—personally; upalabdha—experiencing; nija—personal; sukha-anubhavah—perception of happiness; bhavan—Your Lordship.
O Supreme Personality of Godhead, O Narayana, O Vasudeva, original person! O most exalted person, supreme experience, welfare personified! O supreme benediction, supremely merciful and changeless! O support of the cosmic manifestation, sole proprietor of all planetary systems, master of everything and husband of the goddess of fortune! Your Lordship is realized by the topmost sannyasis, who wander about the world to preach Krsna consciousness, fully absorbed in samadhi through bhakti-yoga. Because their minds are concentrated upon You, they can receive the conception of Your personality in their fully purified hearts. When the darkness in their hearts is completely eradicated and You are revealed to them, the transcendental bliss they enjoy is the transcendental form of Your Lordship. No one but such persons can realize You. Therefore we simply offer You our respectful obeisances.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead has numerous transcendental names pertaining to different grades of revelation to various grades of devotees and transcendentalists. When He is realized in His impersonal form He is called the Supreme Brahman, when realized as the Paramatma He is called antaryami, and when He expands Himself in different forms for material creation He is called Ksirodakasayi Visnu, Garbhodakasayi Visnu and Karanodakasayi Visnu. When He is realized as Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha—the Caturvyuha, who are beyond the three forms of Visnu—He is the Vaikuntha Narayana. Above realization of Narayana is realization of Baladeva, and above that is realization of Krsna. All these realizations are possible when one engages fully in devotional service. The covered core of one’s heart is then completely open to receiving an understanding of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His various forms.

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