sri-deva ucuh
namas te yajna-viryaya
vayase uta te namah
namas te hy asta-cakraya
namah supuru-hutaye
sri-devah ucuh—the demigods said; namah—obeisances; te—unto You; yajna-viryaya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is able to give the results of sacrifice; vayase—who is the time factor, which ends the results of yajna; uta—although; te—unto You; namah—obeisances; namah—obeisances; te—unto You; hi—indeed; asta-cakraya—who throws the disc; namah—respectful obeisances; supuru-hutaye—having varieties of transcendental names.
The demigods said: O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are competent to give the results of sacrifice, and You are also the time factor that destroys all such results in due course. You are the one who releases the cakra to kill the demons. O Lord, who possesses many varieties of names, we offer our respectful obeisances unto You.

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