sa eva hi dadau bhagam
paroksam asuran prati
yajamano ’vahad bhagam
sah—he (Visvarupa); eva—indeed; hi—certainly; dadau—offered; bhagam—share; paroksam—without the knowledge of the demigods; asuran—the demons; prati—unto; yajamanah—performing sacrifice; avahat—offered; bhagam—share; matr-sneha—by affection for his mother; vasa-anugah—being compelled.
Although offering clarified butter in the sacrificial fire in the name of the demigods, without the knowledge of the demigods he also offered oblations to the demons because they were his relatives through his mother.
Because of Visvarupa’s affection for the families of both the demigods and the demons, he appeased the Supreme Lord on behalf of both dynasties. When he offered oblations in the fire on behalf of the asuras, he did so secretly. without the knowledge of the demigods.

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