tad deva-helanam tasya
dharmalikam suresvarah
alaksya tarasa bhitas
tac-chirsany acchinad rusa
tatthat; deva-helanamoffense to the demigods; tasyaof him (Visvarupa); dharma-alikamcheating in religious principles (pretending to be the priest of the demigods, but secretly acting as the priest of the demons also); sura-isvarahthe king of the demigods; alaksyaobserving; tarasaquickly; bhitahbeing afraid (that the demons would gain strength by being blessed by Visvarupa); tathis (Visvarupas); sirsaniheads; acchinatcut off; rusawith great anger.
Once upon a time, however, the King of heaven, Indra, understood that Visvarupa was secretly cheating the demigods by offering oblations on behalf of the demons. He became extremely afraid of being defeated by the demons, and in great anger at Visvarupa he cut Visvarupas three heads from his shoulders.

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