sa vai barhisi devebhyo
bhagam pratyaksam uccakaih
adadad yasya pitaro
devah saprasrayam nrpa
sah—he (Visvarupa); vai—indeed; barhisi—in the sacrificial fire; devebhyah—unto the particular demigods; bhagam—the proper share; pratyaksam—visibly; uccakaih—by loud chanting of the mantras; adadat—offered; yasya—of whom; pitarah—the fathers; devah—demigods; sa-prasrayam—very humbly in a gentle voice; nrpa—O King Pariksit.
O Maharaja Pariksit, the demigods were related to Visvarupa from his father’s side, and therefore he visibly offered clarified butter in the fire while chanting mantras such as indraya idam svaha [“this is meant for King Indra”] and idam agnaye [“this is for the demigod of fire”]. He loudly chanted these mantras and offered each of the demigods his proper share.

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