raksatv asau madhvani yajna-kalpah
sva-damstrayonnita-dharo varahah
ramo ’dri-kutesv atha vipravase
salaksmano ’vyad bharatagrajo ’sman
raksatu—may the Lord protect; asau—that; ma—me; adhvani—on the street; yajna-kalpah—who is ascertained by performance of ritualistic ceremonies; sva-damstraya—by His own tusk; unnita—raising; dharah—the planet earth; varahah—Lord Boar; ramah—Lord Rama; adri-kutesu—on the summits of the mountains; atha—then; vipravase—in foreign countries; sa-laksmanah—with His brother Laksmana; avyat—may He protect; bharata-agrajah—the elder brother of Maharaja Bharata; asman—us.
The Supreme indestructible Lord is ascertained through the performance of ritualistic sacrifices and is therefore known as Yajnesvara. In His incarnation as Lord Boar, He raised the planet earth from the water at the bottom of the universe and kept it on His pointed tusks. May that Lord protect me from rogues on the street. May Parasurama protect me on the tops of mountains, and may the elder brother of Bharata, Lord Ramacandra, along with His brother Laksmana, protect me in foreign countries.
There are three Ramas. One Rama is Parasurama (Jamadagnya). another Rama is Lord Ramacandra, and a third Rama is Lord Balarama. In this verse the words ramo’dri-kutesv atha indicate Lord Parasurama. The brother of Bharata Maharaja and Laksmana is Lord Ramacandra.

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