om harir vidadhyan mama sarva-raksam
nyastanghri-padmah patagendra-prsthe
pasan dadhano sta-guno sta-bahuh
omO Lord; harihthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; vidadhyatmay He bestow; mamamy; sarva-raksamprotection from all sides; nyastaplaced; anghri-padmahwhose lotus feet; patagendra-prstheon the back of Garuda, the king of all birds; daraconchshell; aridisc; carmashield; asisword; gadaclub; isuarrows; capabow; pasanropes; dadhanahholding; astapossessing eight; gunahperfections; astaeight; bahuharms.
The Supreme Lord, who sits on the back of the bird Garuda, touching him with His lotus feet, holds eight weaponsthe conchshell, disc, shield, sword, club, arrows, bow and ropes. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead protect me at all times with His eight arms. He is all-powerful because He fully possesses the eight mystic powers [anima, laghima, etc.].
Thinking oneself one with the Supreme is called ahangrahopasana. Through ahangrahopasana one does not become God, but he thinks of himself as qualitatively one with the Supreme. Understanding that as a spirit soul he is equal in quality to the supreme soul the way the water of a river is of the same nature as the water of the sea, one should meditate upon the Supreme Lord, as described in this verse, and seek His protection. The living entities are always subordinate to the Supreme. Consequently their duty is to always seek the mercy of the Lord in order to be protected by Him in all circumstances.

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