tato nirgatya sahasa
kavir angirasah prabhuh
ayayau sva-grham tusnim
vidvan sri-mada-vikriyam
tatahthereafter; nirgatyagoing out; sahasasuddenly; kavihthe great learned sage; angirasahBrhaspati; prabhuhthe master of the demigods; ayayaureturned; sva-grhamto his home; tusnimbeing silent; vidvanhaving known; sri-mada-vikriyamdeterioration because of madness due to opulence.
Brhaspati knew everything that would happen in the future. Seeing Indras transgression of etiquette, he completely understood that Indra was puffed up by his material opulence. Although able to curse Indra, he did not do so. Instead, he left the assembly and in silence returned to his home.

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