vrnimahe tvopadhyayam
brahmistham brahmanam gurum
yathanjasa vijesyamah
sapatnams tava tejasa
vrnimahe—we choose; tva—you; upadhyayam—as teacher and spiritual master; brahmistham—being perfectly aware of the Supreme Brahman; brahmanam—a qualified brahmana; gurum—the perfect spiritual master; yatha—so that; anjasa—very easily; vijesyamah—we shall defeat; sapatnan—our rivals; tava—your; tejasa—by the power of austerity.
Since you are completely aware of the Supreme Brahman, you are a perfect brahmana, and therefore you are the spiritual master of all orders of life. We accept you as our spiritual master and director so that by the power of your austerity we may easily defeat the enemies who have conquered us.
One must approach a particular type of guru to execute a particular type of duty. Therefore although Visvarupa was inferior to the demigods, the demigods accepted him as their guru to conquer the demons.

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