krtam ekatarenapi
dam-patyor ubhayor api
patnyam kuryad anarhayam
patir etat samahitah
krtamexecuted; ekatarenaby one; apieven; dam-patyohof the wife and husband; ubhayohof both; apistill; patnyamwhen the wife; kuryathe should execute; anarhayamis unable; patihthe husband; etatthis; samahitahwith attention.
Between the husband and wife, one person is sufficient to execute this devotional service. Because of their good relationship, both of them will enjoy the result. Therefore if the wife is unable to execute this process, the husband should carefully do so, and the faithful wife will share the result.
The relationship between husband and wife is firmly established when the wife is faithful and the husband sincere. Then even if the wife, being weaker, is unable to execute devotional service with her husband, if she is chaste and sincere she shares half of her husbands activities.

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