samvatsaram pumsavanam
vratam etad aviplutam
dharayisyasi cet tubhyam
sakra-ha bhavita sutah
samvatsaram—for one year; pumsavanam—called pumsavana; vratam—vow; etat—this; aviplutam—without violation; dharayisyasi—you will perform; cet—if; tubhyam—for you; sakra-ha—the killer of Indra; bhavita—will be; sutah—a son.
Kasyapa Muni continued: If you perform this ceremony called pumsavana, adhering to the vow with faith for at least one year, you will give birth to a son destined to kill Indra. But if there is any discrepancy in the discharge of this vow, the son will be a friend to Indra.

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