ditir uvaca
dharayisye vratam brahman
bruhi karyani yani me
yani ceha nisiddhani
na vratam ghnanti yany uta
ditih uvacaDiti said; dharayisye—I shall accept; vratam—vow; brahman—my dear brahmana; bruhi—please state; karyani—must be done; yani—what; me—to me; yani—what; ca—and; iha—here; nisiddhani—is forbidden; na—not; vratam—the vow; ghnanti—break; yani—what; uta—also.
Diti replied: My dear brahmana, I must accept your advice and follow the vow. Now let me understand what I have to do, what is forbidden and what will not break the vow. Please clearly state all this to me.
As stated above, a woman is generally inclined to serve her own purposes. Kasyapa Muni proposed to train Diti to fulfill her desires within one year, and since she was eager to kill Indra, she immediately agreed, saying, “Please let me know what the vow is and how I have to follow it. I promise that I shall do the needful and not break the vow.” This is another side of a woman’s psychology. Even though a woman is very fond of fulfilling her own plans, when someone instructs her, especially her husband, she innocently follows, and thus she can be trained for better purposes. By nature a woman wants to be a follower of a man; therefore if the man is good the woman can be trained for a good purpose.

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