TEXTS 27–28
iti bhāvena sā bhartur
ācacārāsakṛt priyam
praśrayeṇa damena ca
bhaktyā paramayā rājan
manojñair valgu-bhāṣitaiḥ
mano jagrāha bhāva-jñā
iti—thus; bhāvena—with the intention; —she; bhartuḥ—of the husband; ācacāra—performed; asakṛt—constantly; priyam—pleasing activities; śuśrūṣayā—with service; anurāgeṇa—with love; praśrayeṇa—with humility; damena—with self-control; ca—also; bhaktyā—with devotion; paramayā—great; rājan—O King; manojñaiḥ—charming; valgu-bhāṣitaiḥ—with sweet words; manaḥ—his mind; jagrāha—brought under her control; bhāva-jñā—knowing his nature; sa-smita—with smiling; apāṅga-vīkṣaṇaiḥ—by glancing.
Thinking in this way [with a desire for a son to kill Indra], Diti began constantly acting to satisfy Kaśyapa by her pleasing behavior. O King, Diti always carried out Kaśyapa’s orders very faithfully, as he desired. With service, love, humility and control, with words spoken very sweetly to satisfy her husband, and with smiles and glances at him, Diti attracted his mind and brought it under her control.
When a woman wants to endear herself to her husband and make him very faithful, she must try to please him in all respects. When the husband is pleased with his wife, the wife can receive all necessities, ornaments and full satisfaction for her senses. Herein this is indicated by the behavior of Diti.

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