marutas ca diteh putras
catvarimsan navadhikah
ta asann aprajah sarve
nita indrena satmatam
marutahthe Maruts; caand; ditehof Diti; putrahsons; catvarimsatforty; nava-adhikahplus nine; tethey; asanwere; aprajahwithout sons; sarveall; nitahwere brought; indrenaby Indra; sa-atmatamto the position of demigods.
The forty-nine Marut demigods were also born from the womb of Diti. None of them had sons. Although they were born of Diti, King Indra gave them a position as demigods.
Apparently even demons can be elevated to positions as demigods when their atheistic character is reformed. There are two kinds of men throughout the universe. Those who are devotees of Lord Visnu are called demigods, and those who are just the opposite are called demons. Even the demons can be transformed into demigods, as the statement of this verse proves.

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