jata-dharas tivra-tapa
ankikrtya striyam caste
gata-hrih prakrto yatha
jata-dharahkeeping matted locks of hair; tivra-tapahhighly elevated due to undergoing fierce austerities and penances; brahma-vadiof strict followers of the Vedic principles; sabha-patihthe president of an assembly; ankikrtyaembracing; striyama woman; caand; astesits; gata-hrihwithout shame; prakrtaha person conditioned by material nature; yathajust as.
Lord Siva, whose hair is matted on his head, has certainly undergone great austerities and penances. Indeed, he is the president in the assembly of strict followers of Vedic principles. Nonetheless, he is seated with his wife on his lap in the midst of saintly persons and is embracing her as if he were a shameless, ordinary human being.
Citraketu appreciated the exalted position of Lord Siva, and therefore he remarked at how wonderful it was that Lord Siva was acting like an ordinary human being. He appreciated Lord Sivas position, but when he saw Lord Siva sitting in the midst of saintly persons and acting like a shameless, ordinary man, he was astonished. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura remarks that although Citraketu criticized Lord Siva, he did not offend Lord Siva like Daksa. Daksa considered Lord Siva insignificant, but Citraketu expressed his wonder at Lord Sivas being situated in that way.

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