citraketur uvaca
esa loka-guruh saksad
dharmam vakta saririnam
aste mukhyah sabhayam vai
mithuni-bhuya bharyaya
citraketuh uvaca—King Citraketu said; esah—this; loka-guruh—the spiritual master of the people who follow Vedic instructions; saksat—directly; dharmam—of religion; vakta—the speaker; saririnam—for all living entities who have accepted material bodies; aste—sits; mukhyah—the chief; sabhayam—in an assembly; vai—indeed; mithuni-bhuya—embracing; bharyaya—with his wife.
Citraketu said: Lord Siva, the spiritual master of the general populace, is the best of all living entities who have accepted material bodies. He enunciates the system of religion. Yet how wonderful it is that he is embracing his wife, Parvati, in the midst of an assembly of great saintly persons.

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