ekada sa vimanena
visnu-dattena bhasvata
girisam dadrse gacchan
paritam siddha-caranaih
alingyankikrtam devim
bahuna muni-samsadi
uvaca devyah srnvantya
jahasoccais tad-antike
ekadaone time; sahhe (King Citraketu); vimanenawith his airplane; visnu-dattenagiven to him by Lord Visnu; bhasvatashining brilliantly; girisamLord Siva; dadrsehe saw; gacchangoing; paritamsurrounded; siddhaby the inhabitants of Siddhaloka; caranaihand the inhabitants of Caranaloka; alingyaembracing; ankikrtamsitting on his lap; devimhis wife, Parvati; bahunawith his arm; muni-samsadiin the presence of great saintly persons; uvacahe said; devyahwhile the goddess Parvati; srnvantyahwas hearing; jahasahe laughed; uccaihvery loudly; tad-antikein the vicinity.
One time while King Citraketu was traveling in outer space on a brilliantly effulgent airplane given to him by Lord Visnu, he saw Lord Siva, surrounded by Siddhas and Caranas. Lord Siva was sitting in an assembly of great saintly persons and embracing Parvati on his lap with his arm. Citraketu laughed loudly and spoke, within the hearing of Parvati.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says in this connection,
bhaktim bhutim harir dattva
devyah sapena vrtratvam
nitva tam svantike nayat
The purport is that the Supreme Personality of Godhead wanted to bring Citraketu to Vaikunthaloka as soon as possible. The Lords plan was that Citraketu be cursed by Parvati to become Vrtrasura so that in his next life he could quickly return home, back to Godhead. There have been many instances in which a devotee acting as a demon has been brought to the kingdom of God by the mercy of the Lord. For Parvati to be embraced by Lord Siva was natural in a relationship between husband and wife; this was nothing extraordinary for Citraketu to see. Nonetheless, Citraketu laughed loudly to see Lord Siva in that situation, even though he should not have done so. Thus he was eventually cursed, and this curse was the cause of his returning home, back to Godhead.

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