sa laksam varsa-laksanam
stuyamano maha-yogi
munibhih siddha-caranaih
reme vidyadhara-stribhir
gapayan harim isvaram
sahhe (Citraketu); laksamone hundred thousand; varsaof years; laksanamone hundred thousand; avyahatawithout hindrance; bala-indriyahwhose strength and power of the senses; stuyamanahbeing praised; maha-yogithe great mystic yogi; munibhihby saintly persons; siddha-caranaihby the Siddhas and Caranas; kulacalendra-dronisuwithin the valleys of the great mountain known as Kulacalendra, or Sumeru; nana-sankalpa-siddhisuwhere one becomes perfect in all kinds of mystic power; remeenjoyed; vidyadhara-stribhihwith the women of the Vidyadhara planet; gapayancausing to praise; harimthe Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari; isvaramthe controller.
Being praised by great sages and saints and by the inhabitants of Siddhaloka and Caranaloka, Citraketu, the most powerful mystic yogi, wandered about enjoying life for millions of years. With bodily strength and senses free from deterioration, he traveled within the valleys of Sumeru Mountain, which is the place of perfection for various kinds of mystic power. In those valleys he enjoyed life with the women of Vidyadhara-loka by chanting the glories of the Supreme Lord, Hari.
It is to be understood that Maharaja Citraketu, although surrounded by beautiful women from Vidyadhara-loka, did not forget to glorify the Lord by chanting the holy name of the Lord. It has been proved in many places that one who is not contaminated by any material condition, who is a pure devotee engaged in chanting the glories of the Lord, should be understood to be perfect.

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