naham tanuja dadrse hata-mangala te
mugdha-smitam mudita-viksanam ananabjam
kim va gato sy apunar-anvayam anya-lokam
nito ghrnena na srnomi kala giras te
nanot; ahamI; tanu-jamy dear son (born of my body); dadrsesaw; hata-mangalabecause of my being the most unfortunate; teyour; mugdha-smitamwith charming smiling; mudita-viksanamwith closed eyes; anana-abjamlotus face; kim vawhether; gatahgone away; asiyou are; a-punah-anvayamfrom which one does not return; anya-lokamto another planet, or the planet of Yamaraja; nitahhaving been taken away; aghrnenaby the cruel Yamaraja; nanot; srnomiI can hear; kalahvery pleasing; girahutterances; teyour.
My dear son, I am certainly most unfortunate, for I can no longer see your mild smiling. You have closed your eyes forever. I therefore conclude that you have been taken from this planet to another, from which you will not return. My dear son, I can no longer hear your pleasing voice.

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