sā śayānam upavrajya
dṛṣṭvā cottāra-locanam
prāṇendriyātmabhis tyaktaṁ
hatāsmīty apatad bhuvi
—she (the maidservant); śayānam—lying down; upavrajya—going to; dṛṣṭvā—seeing; ca—also; uttāra-locanam—his eyes turned upward (as are those of a dead body); prāṇa-indriya-ātmabhiḥ—by the life force, senses and mind; tyaktam—abandoned; hatā asmi—now I am doomed; iti—thus; apatat—fell down; bhuvi—on the ground.
When the maidservant approached the child, who was lying down, she saw that his eyes were turned upward. There were no signs of life, all his senses having stopped, and she could understand that the child was dead. Seeing this, she immediately cried, “Now I am doomed,” and fell to the ground.

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