nabho gato disah sarvah
sahasrakso visampate
prag-udicim disam turnam
pravisto nrpa manasam
nabhah—to the sky; gatah—going; disah—to the directions; sarvah—all; sahasra-aksahIndra, who is endowed with one thousand eyes; visampate—O King; prak-udicim—to the northeast; disam—direction; turnam—very speedily; pravistah—entered; nrpa—O King; manasam—the lake known as Manasa-sarovara.
O King, Indra first fled to the sky, but there also he saw the woman of personified sin chasing him. This witch followed him wherever he went. At last he very quickly went to the northeast and entered the Manasa-sarovara Lake.

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