sa avasat puskara-nala-tantun
alabdha-bhogo yad ihagni-dutah
varsani sahasram alaksito ’ntah
sancintayan brahma-vadhad vimoksam
sah—he (Indra); avasat—lived; puskara-nala-tantun—in the network of the fibers of a lotus stem; alabdha-bhogah—not getting any material comfort (practically starving for all material needs); yat—which; iha—here; agni-dutah—the fire-god messenger; varsani—celestial years; sahasram—one thousand; alaksitah—invisible; antah—within his heart; sancintayan—always thinking of; brahma-vadhat—from the killing of a brahmana; vimoksam—liberation.
Always thinking of how he could be relieved from the sinful reaction for killing a brahmana, King Indra, invisible to everyone, lived in the lake for one thousand years in the subtle fibers of the stem of a lotus. The fire-god used to bring him his share of all yajnas, but because the fire-god was afraid to enter the water, Indra was practically starving.

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