vrtra-grastam tam alokya
saprajapatayah surah
ha kastam iti nirvinnas
cukrusuh samaharsayah
vrtra-grastamswallowed by Vrtrasura; tamhim (Indra); alokyaseeing; sa-prajapatayahwith Lord Brahma and other prajapatis; surahall the demigods; haalas; kastamwhat a tribulation; itithus; nirvinnahbeing very morose; cukrusuhlamented; sa-maha-rsayahwith the great sages.
When the demigods, along with Brahma, other prajapatis and other great saintly persons, saw that Indra had been swallowed by the demon, they became very morose. Alas, they lamented. What a calamity ! What a calamity !

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