anye nu ye tveha nr-samsam ajna
yad udyatastrah praharanti mahyam
tair bhuta-nathan saganan nisata-
trisula-nirbhinna-galair yajami
anyeothers; anufollow; yewho; tvayou; ihain this connection; nr-samsamvery cruel; ajnahpersons unaware of my prowess; yatif; udyata-astrahwith their swords raised; praharantiattack; mahyamme; taihwith those; bhuta-nathanto such leaders of the ghosts as Bhairava; sa-gananwith their hordes; nisatasharpened; tri-sulaby the trident; nirbhinnaseparated or pierced; galaihhaving their necks; yajamiI shall offer sacrifices.
You are naturally cruel. If the other demigods, unaware of my prowess, follow you by attacking me with raised weapons, I shall sever their heads with this sharp trident. With those heads I shall perform a sacrifice to Bhairava and the other leaders of the ghosts, along with their hordes.

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