sri-hri-daya-kirtibhir ujjhitam tvam
sva-karmana purusadais ca garhyam
krcchrena mac-chula-vibhinna-deham
asprsta-vahnim samadanti grdhrah
sri—opulence or beauty; hri—shame; daya—mercy; kirtibhih—and glory; ujjhitam—bereft of; tvam—you; sva-karmana—by your own activities; purusa-adaih—by the Raksasas (man-eaters); ca—and; garhyam—condemnable; krcchrena—with great difficulty; mat-sula—by my trident; vibhinna—pierced; deham—your body; asprsta-vahnim—not even touched by fire; samadanti—will eat; grdhrah—the vultures.
Indra, you are bereft of all shame, mercy, glory and good fortune. Deprived of these good qualities by the reactions of your fruitive activities, you are to be condemned even by the man-eaters [Raksasas]. Now I shall pierce your body with my trident, and after you die with great pain, even fire will not touch you; only the vultures will eat your body.

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