sri-deva ucuh
kim nu tad dustyajam brahman
pumsam bhutanukampinam
bhavad-vidhanam mahatam
sri-devah ucuhthe demigods said; kimwhat; nuindeed; tatthat; dustyajamdifficult to give up; brahmanO exalted brahmana; pumsamof persons; bhuta-anukampinamwho are very sympathetic toward the suffering living entities; bhavat-vidhanamlike Your Lordship; mahatamwho are very great; punya-sloka-idya-karmanamwhose pious activities are praised by all great souls.
The demigods replied: O exalted brahmana, pious persons like you, whose activities are praiseworthy, are very kind and affectionate to people in general. What cant such pious souls give for the benefit of others? They can give everything, including their bodies.

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