yad asau sastram ullanghya
svaira-cary ati-garhitah
avartata ciram kalam
aghayur asucir malat
yatbecause; asauthis brahmana; sastram ullanghyatransgressing the laws of sastra; svaira-cariacting irresponsibly; ati-garhitahvery much condemned; avartatapassed; ciram kalama long time; agha-ayuhwhose life was full of sinful activities; asucihunclean; malatbecause of impurity.
This brahmana irresponsibly spent his long lifetime transgressing all the rules and regulations of the holy scripture, living extravagantly and eating food prepared by a prostitute. Therefore he is full of sins. He is unclean and is addicted to forbidden activities.
Food prepared by an unclean, sinful man or woman, especially a prostitute, is extremely infectious. Ajamila ate such food, and therefore he was subject to be punished by Yamaraja.

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