api svid asau bhagavan udu-patir enam mrga-pati-bhayan mrta-mataram mrga-balakam svasrama-paribhrastam anukampaya krpana-jana-vatsalah paripati.
api svit—can it be; asau—that; bhagavan—most powerful; udu-patih—the moon; enam—this; mrga-pati-bhayat—because of fear of the lion; mrta-mataram—who lost its mother; mrga-balakam—the son of a deer; sva-asrama-paribhrastam—who strayed from its asrama; anukampaya—out of compassion; krpana-jana-vatsalah—(the moon) who is very kind to the unhappy men; paripati—now is protecting it.
Maharaja Bharata continued to speak like a madman. Seeing above his head the dark marks on the rising moon, which resembled a deer, he said: Can it be that the moon, who is so kind to an unhappy man, might also be kind upon my deer, knowing that it has strayed from home and has become motherless? This moon has given the deer shelter near itself just to protect it from the fearful attacks of a lion.

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